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The modern era a lot “of features and important features of the art of construction based on the contractor business, and the observer of this art during the last hundred years will find sophisticated” tremendous “which is directly proportional” with the enormous development in the world of machines,

Which contributed to the modernization and automation the contraction industry, was credited with the largest in the emergence of skyscrapers, towers, and tunnels that are linking the continents together, as is the case between Asia and Africa as well as between the States together,

As is the case between France and England, all those miracles were based on scientific and engineering inaccurate.

Also starting of computer scientist in the last thirty year has the effect of stunning in this world, making it more accurate and gave it a touch of art and beauty and control of all its components, both in terms of engineering, administrative, making successful companies based on this work forward and develop the lowest possible cost to provide the latest technology for the establishment of their organization.

Eng. Abdel-Karim Jeragh
Some information about


Over the years, we successfully managed to maintain a substantial foothold in the Kuwaiti market, with strong ties and powerful alliances with major world players in the
various business disciplines, we as well represent companies including their systems and its various activities.

Our range of services covers an integrated set of business areas, including, but are not limited to: Business, finance and investment consulting, infrastructure consulting,
architecture and interior, petroleum, petrochemical, energy and power, ITC, medical turnkey projects, education and training.

Rooted in Kuwait, the majority of our operations take place abroad, with a special focus on communities where a great deal of development is required.
Our worldwide reach reflects our strong partnerships with major global entities that operate in vital components of world economy.

The company since 1976 attempted to undertake the business activities in the field of import and export around the world, we study the market needs and analyze
its financial, marketing and other related needs.

Our trade included a variety of products ranging from construction materials, foodstuff, industrial equipment and transportation, to petrochemical.

We seek to deal with all new in order to provide the highest levels of quality and guarantee the lowest prices through our business around the world, Germany, China
and Moscow. We aspire a high rank among the world’s leading companies in the field of import and export.


Since 1897, jeragh Family, was one of the highbred families residing in the State of Kuwait, like most of the Kuwaitis who endured a difficult era preceding the flow of
oil wealth. The head of the family, the deceased, Hajj jeragh Al Haddad, was the most skilled blacksmith in Kuwait. The latter was very famous at that time for his dexterity,
whereby he excelled in smothery. The present defines the outcome of our past; the fruits of today are the seeds of our fathers and forefathers (ancestors).

Every success is attributed to certain basics and fundaments. Our basics are carried out from our (well established, “highborn”) origin, and deep roots in the, land of our

Our Great Grandfather, Hajj Greg, was the Head of the Family back then, was contemporary with the “the Lion of the Peninsula”, Sheikh Mubarak Al Soubah; Hajj jeragh,
trustworthy man and wise, he was known for his diligence and sound opinion that placed him amongst the most prominent men of his time beside his success in his craft.
Family members and their off springs became his apprentices, and inherited the craft. Smothery, at that time acquired a great importance in relation with architecture
and buildings.

The late Hajj Habib jeragh, one of Hajj jeragh Al Haddad grandsons. He diligently followed lead of his grandfather. Hajj Habib jeragh, after finishing his scientific studies in the Teaching field, he graduated in the first class of Teachers in 1965. During 1976, Habib jeragh established “Al Solajan” Contracting Company in Kuwait, the name of the company represents “strength and might”. When he undertook a tour to several European countries, he was very impressed by western architecture. And he implemented some of the designs in Kuwait. Hajj Habib endowed his company with state of the art technology, designs, and highly skilled professionals. Al Solajan continued its successful journey.

Mr. Abdulkarim jeragh took over the Management of the Company after the demise of his father Hajj Habib jeragh during 1996. The Company was classified as pioneering in the world of designs and buildings, and refurbishing of archeological buildings through casting some modern luminescent aesthetical finishing touches that enhanced and added to its value. The company kept pace with the latest global developments in the sector of building, architecture, and designs all along. Al Solajan challenged major international building companies in the whole world, overcame difficulties and obstacles that face any contracting company in the world. The Company supported its team with adequate trainings to encompass engineers, professionals, technicians, and builders with up to date know-how, tools and equipments to commensurate with the nature of activities of contracting and building, to satisfy the needs and requirements of real estate companies, investors, and developers seeking smart houses, environment friendly buildings with high quality of achievements equipped with modern technologies.

Alsolajan managed to polarize an integrated work team of engineers, consultants and craftsmen with high profiles qualifications and international expertise to achieve the goal of the Company in high definition in all areas of buildings activities under the net of construction and decorations. Al Solajan became partner with international companies to provide state of the art technologies, materials buildings, and art of constructions and developments standing individually as an example for its peers, guaranteeing simultaneously, creativity, high quality achievements, low cost, and minimum time of completion.

Our set goal since inception was excellence, we seek refinements, and we keep the same vision to remain amidst the highly recognized International construction & contracting companies. We thrive to provide and satisfy the needs of our customers, investors, and developers in Kuwait, especially those that aspire for sophistication, creativity, uniqueness, and high standard of achievements in real estate constructions. We promise to keep our standard of excellence at all the times, and be partners with investors and owners in Kuwait.


We believe that by re-entering the marketplace first and by establishing quality facilities, it will become, and remain, a leader in the construction, building, & project management industry in Kuwait. Our fundamental objective is to realize how we impact the community that we do business in, knowing that we will stand the test of time if the local residents approve and support our center.

Life revolves around home and happiness to everyone in the family starts at home, and our core business to build Alsoljan separate homes and buildings housing, and we are working in order to express our interest in the AlSolajan homes to develop their capacity with modern technology and high-quality and economic, including smart houses, and environment friendly We will continue our services for future generations, and to provide clients across GCC with structural engineering services for all types of buildings, from concept planning through to completion, with a highly skilled professional team working together, using common sense and practical experience.